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NeighborCar – The fastest, easiest, coolest, new way to attract tenants.

Introducing NeighborCar®. The easiest, cheapest, coolest, shared car ownership service in the world.
(Well, at least in the Twin Cities.)

Money bag - save a bunch of money

NeighborCar is the next big thing in our “sharing economy.” Now multiple households can own and use a late model, environmentally friendly car, saving each owner up to $4,000 per year. Apartment and condo dwellers save on parking, too.

Get liberated! NeighborCar is a lease arrangement that gives you and your neighbors access to a car for those errands, destinations and times of day or night when public transportation isn’t practical or available. NeighborCar is a Twin Cities-based company, so service is always friendly and prompt.

We’re mobility experts. Sign-up and car purchasing is easy. Easy-to-use technology allows shared car owners to schedule use times and make their monthly auto and insurance payments.

Shared car ownership reduces traffic congestion and carbon dioxide emissions…the two most important missions of NeighborCar. The way we see it, sustainability and mitigating climate change starts with changing the way we use our resources. NeighborCar is a step in the right direction.

About Us

Gene Tierney

NeighborCar® is a subsidiary of CarFreeLife®, a not-for-profit Minnesota organization. Our mission at CarFreeLife is to promote car-free and car-light living, reduce carbon emissions and implement significant sustainable practices into our lives. MOOV Commuter Inc. is a for-profit enterprise founded by Gene Tierney. MOOV Commuter delivers hassle free access to electric bikes, providing the Twin Cities with a sustainable transportation alternative. It’s nice that people are talking about the need to mitigate climate change, promote sustainability and improve the health, economics and livability of our communities. But CarFreeLife, NeighborCar and MOOV Commuter members are past talking. We’re actually doing positive things to make positive changes, every day. Visit carfreelife.org and MOOVcommuter.com to learn more about how we are making car-free and car-light living fun, affordable, healthy and easy.


Reducing carbon emissions and traffic congestion, as well as implementing significant sustainable practices into our lives is easy when you take advantage of the services available in the Twin Cities. Here are a few valuable links to help you get from point A to point B. Some of the resources offer specials and discounts. We’re adding new resources so check back soon.

Stand in info. Metro Transit. Discount or offer. Brief description here. Brief description here. Brief description here. www.metrotransit.com Stand in info. Uber. Discount or offer. Brief description here. Brief description here.
Brief description here. www.uber.com Stand in info. LYFT Brief description here. Discount or offer. Brief description here. Brief description here. www.LYFT.com


Q: When will NeighborCar be available?
NeighborCar is currently in beta testing so we can fine tune our service. We hope to have testing completed and the service be available this summer 2019. Check our website for updates.

Q: How much will NeighborCar cost?
That depends on the number of households sharing ownership, and the type of car purchased. A targeted amount of $150. Per month per household is the goal.

Q: Can I keep my own insurance company?
No, the NeighborCar system relies on commercial insurance covering the car and group of owners so insurance is included in the cost.

Q: Can I share a car that allows pets? How about smoking?
Yes, NeighborCars allow most pets but there are some requirements.
For the courtesy of other owners, smoking is not allowed in any NeighborCar vehicle.

Q: Will any NeighborCars be smoker-friendly?
Sorry, for the courtesy of other owners, smoking is not allowed in any NeighborCar vehicle.

Q: How will scheduling work so everyone is happy?
An easy to use calendar available on-line and on your mobile phone will allow members to schedule time of use. Fees are made up of two parts: fixed costs assessed to members, and a portion for time used.

Q: Can I let a friend use a NeighborCar?
Each member household gets to designate two users.

Q: How are scheduling conflicts, messy owner issues, empty fuel tank surprises, etc. resolved?
The NeighborCar agreements include a rules and expectations covenant. It also includes a member board to discuss and decide unforeseen issues that could arise. Fuel is included in the fees and the cost distributed based on usage.

Q: If a NeighborCar vehicle gets a parking violation, who pays the fine?
This is also covered in the NeighborCar Covenant… The driver agrees to pay parking violations.

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Starting in 2019.

Call us at 612-310-4822 or email info@neighborcar.com for more information.